Snackable Content: Short, sweet, and extremely filling

Defining snackable content for your marketing strategy

Snackable content is a key element to your marketing strategy. As attention spans decrease, consuming media in bite-sized pieces becomes more favorable.

Why we snack on media is simply because we need something to keep our attention. Think about when we consume media: Anytime we’re standing in a line, waiting for an elevator, sitting in a doctor’s office, picking the kids up from school, pretty much anytime we’re on the go.

Digital snackable content is most valuable when geared towards the mobile consumer. This is the consumer who wants something easy to access, easy to understand, and–for a lack of a better word–engaging. Target these needs by creating easily digestible and delicious content. That means you should be feeding your audience content that is attention-grabbing, visual, and emotional.

Videos—Instagram, Vine, and Snapchats, for instance—are perfect examples of snackable content. They’re easily viewable on any device (desktop or mobile), and motivates consumers to share if there’s an element of surprise (stop-motion, surprise ending).

In some cases, consumers are already doing the work for you. Social media users are creating their own snackable content by pinning on Pinterest, re-blogging on Tumblr, liking anything on Facebook and Instagram, tweeting and re-tweeting on Twitter, filming Vines, and sending Snapchats.

Curate snackable content from your customers by engaging with their media that relates to your brand. Finding that your customers are posting Instagrams of their purchases? Re-gram it. Finding pins that include your product? Create a “Customer Favorites” board and re-pin to it. User-generated content is a simple and effective way to get started.

One thing to keep in mind: social is mobile. About 60% of time spent on social media is through a mobile device. Your snackable content should always be mobile optimized. If your tweet links to a blog post, that blog post should be easily viewed on a small smartphone.

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