Mobile Gamers: The Next Generation

While 60% of Americans gambled in the last year, the new casinos approved for New York, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and Maryland will put more pressure on established casino brands and markets like Atlantic City, and the industry will continue its struggle to build their base of loyal players. So, all are focused on the next generation of gamers.

One huge bright spot has been the introduction of legalized online casino gaming. In the northeast, New Jersey has joined Delaware, and Pennsylvania is seriously advancing the legalization of online gambling to shore up its flank and to protect the state’s hard won casino revenue. There are some in the industry that have raised concerns that online gaming will cannibalize brick and motor revenues. Casino billionaire, Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas Sands, Corp) has been on a full-scale crusade against internet gambling despite the fact that his chief Las Vegas rivals, Caesars Entertainment and MGM Grand, have embraced the next generation with online gambling operations.

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