10 Best Research Tools For Tapping Into and Measuring Consumer Behavior

Discover how we measure consumer insights with the best research tools to help support your communications strategies

When creating a campaign strategy that tailors to your target audience’s behavior, looking into consumers’ demographics, media habits and online behavior is essential.

At Halo, we invest in comprehensive research tools to enable us to dig even deeper into lifestyle habits, product usage and conversations of consumers, and to provide our clients with highly detailed performance reporting. Here are the best resources we’ve found for tapping into and measuring consumer behavior.

Demographics, Media Habits, and Psychographics:

To identify your targets, define audience segments, psychographics, attitudes and consumption habits this syndicated research partner surveys more than 20,000 Americans across the country throughout the year.

Ipsos Mendelsohn
This syndicated research partner is best used for luxury brands looking for insights into their audiences, and developing media and communication strategies. Ipsos specializes in surveying Affluent Americans (HHI $100k+) every year with a sample of over 13k respondents.

Media Audit
Media Audit’s syndicated service measures 106 local markets in terms of audiences demographic profiles and media consumption behavior.

Neilsen Scarborough
For regional environment and target audience information this syndicated research partner conducts more granular surveys within all US DMAs.

Online Behavior:

This syndicated service measures online behaviors and websites. By providing site rankings and demographics, comScore allows for attitudinal and behavioral targeting as well as campaign measurement in terms of reach and frequency delivery.

Google Analytics
Google’s analytical services generate detailed statistics and insights about a website’s traffic, usability, conversions, and sales. It helps provide insights and feedback about the performance of your website, and in conjunction with other Google tools, can also help improve SEO, SEM, and other outbound marketing tactics that drive to your website.

State-of-the-art technology traffics online creative as well as metrics reporting for digital campaigns.


An editorial coverage monitoring service that tracks brand mentions and conversations on all forms of online, print, and broadcast media.

The world’s largest media database, Cision allows us to monitor and analyze conversations, mentions, and sentiment on more than 150 milllion blogs, forums, video- and image-sharing sites, and forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A global social media monitoring tool that provides visibility and tracking of your target audiences’ online conversations about all brands in your category. SM2 collects social media data across geographies, languages, and platforms to help provide market, brand, product, and competitive insight.


In addition to using these top 10 research tools, Halo’s team of branding and marketing communications experts will work alongside you to make sure your value radiates through all the right experiences — in your consumers’ conversations, throughout your advertising or even in the way you greet your customers. Let’s discuss your business goals and how we can help you get there.

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