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K-12 educators, administrators, and teachers alike have a growing list of responsibilities, tasks, and performance goals. Chief amongst them is finding ways to better connect with their students and connecting their students with their studies.

Enter itslearning, Europe’s leading Learning Management System, who turned to Halo to help gain market share by articulating why they’re the best option for K-12 school districts across the US.

Halo created a fully integrated campaign – from PR and social media to print and digital advertising – that focused on the connection that matters most, the one between students and their content, and demonstrated why itslearning’s depth of knowledge in education empowers it.

In addition, we created a discrete program for teachers because they are the everyday users, and highly influential in the process. That program included the development of a new teacher’s award as well as a social community called “The Teacher’s Lounge” which lives on the itslearning website.


The campaign dropped in September 2016 and is ramping up for K-12 hunting season. As part of our program we have implemented a brand awareness survey approach that will gauge audience sentiment throughout the campaign, so check back to see how we’re doing.

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