#BigGameBingo 2014: Play The Bigger Game During The Big Game

Everyone’s getting ready for The Big Game, and for the commercials as well. According to a 2013 survey by Lab42; 39% of people prefer the ads over the actual game, 64% said that more than half their game related conversations the next day revolve around the commercials, and 69% have re-watched a Superbowl commercial online. This year, it’s costing companies $4 million for 30 seconds and adspace is sold out. So, to enhance your ad viewing experience, Halo’s gift to you is our version of Big Game Bingo.

How to play Big Game Bingo

  1. Have a beer.
  2. Print out the boards, which you can download here.
  3. Place a chip, beer nut, peanut shell, glob of hot sauce or whatever marker you choose on each logo or celebrity when you see that commercial. (The Halo logo in the center is a free space.)
  4. The first person to get five in a row wins and then engages in whatever form of victory dance, debauchery, or trash talk that your particular group finds socially acceptable.

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